Fitness is everyones super power. It keeps your mind and body moving at full gear. But it’s just too complicated today. We believe it doesn't need to be. We built Stryve to help anyone exercise regularly and effectively, and love doing it. It's the next best thing to hiring a personal trainer.
Stryve takes the guesswork out of your workout plan and makes every minute count. Stryve creates workout videos uniquely built for you. It takes into account your goal, time, fitness levels, equipment, and past workouts so your workout is efficient and effective down to every exercise. You'll have your weekly workouts ready to go in one click. It's one less thing to worry about in your busy life!
We're packing some serious science. Behind the scenes, Stryve has deep intelligence of what it takes to make effective and efficient workouts that evolve over time so you don't plateau. You just come ready to sweat and Stryve takes care of the rest. We work with certified trainers, athletes, and scientists, and have built an algorithm that designs and evolves your workouts. Stryve works through various muscle groups and motions (push, pull, squat, etc.) in your body across workouts. It progressively increases the challenge of your exercises so you don't plateau. Stryve combines mobility with strength training to reduce chances of injury, tailors to the various imbalances in your body, and much more.
Stryve has hundreds of exercises for strength, cardio, yoga, mobility, and more, so whether you're looking to gain strength or lose weight, you're covered.
Come onboard and make every workout count. Feel awesome. Look amazing. Do you.


CEO / Co-Founder

Akshay Ahooja

CTO / Co-Founder

Jing (Frank) Fan

Fitness Experts

Chris Denina

Nike Ambassador
NASM Certified
Strength, Boxing, Body Building

Stephanie Wayt

ACE Certified
Functional, Yoga
Owner at Custom Fitness Now

Rory Callahan

NSCA, CSCS Certified
Strength, Conditioning, Functional, Calisthenics


We would love to hear from you at hello@stryve.fit. We are based in Seattle, WA.